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While many students enter our academic program at least one to two grade levels behind, they begin to thrive academically at Hope. As a school, our 2012 test scores are our best yet.

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2012 Results

Standardized Test Results

Though our school’s academic performance is quite good, we tell parents here at Hope to not read too much into standardized test scores.

At Hope, report cards include grades, but we also evaluate a student’s growth in Christian character. Standardized tests cannot measure virtues such as respect, wisdom, discipline, humility, honesty, and love—that requires discerning parents and teachers.

We see the following indicators as equally—if not more—important than our standardized test scores.

Spiritual Growth & Stronger Urban Families

Our ultimate goal is to see students and families living Biblically faithful lives. Our 2013 accreditation surveys helped us see these deeper indicators of success.

Christian professions & Christian character:
91% of students believe Hope has been essential to their development of a Christian worldview. More than half of our students in grades 6-12 have committed or recommitted their lives to Christ through Hope.

Stronger Families:
98.5% of our parents
believe Hope is essential to their children’s spiritual growth through teachers modeling Christ and providing a high-quality Christ-centered education.

High School Graduation & College Enrollment

As of 2013, we have graduated 25 students in two senior classes, with 90% going on to post-secondary programs.

And out of the 137 students who have completed eighth grade at Hope Academy from 2008-2013, every single one of them has graduated or is still enrolled in High School, whether at Hope or another school.

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