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Philosophy of Education

Hope Academy was established to provide the youth of the city with a rigorous, God-centered, classical education.

What do we mean by a God-centered education?

There is an undeniable connection between the phenomenal growth of secular humanism in our day and the disastrous decline of our nation’s schools. According to Chuck Colson, “The decline in American public education is not due to poor teaching or lack of funding; it is due to educational theories that deny the existence of transcendent truth and morality, that renounce standards of excellence, and ultimately render children unteachable.”

school worshipThe disintegration of a biblical worldview has doomed our city’s children to a lifetime of failure. At Hope Academy, we believe the chief goal and purpose of all things--including education--is to love God and love our neighbor. True education is literally impossible without such a transcendent goal and purpose.

The Bible teaches us that all knowledge comes from God, and therefore, all knowledge has unity. At Hope Academy, we teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole, with the Scriptures at the center. Students are equipped to know and love the truth and to utilize that knowledge to glorify God in all things.

Why must the education at Hope Academy be academically rigorous?

There is no place for shoddy Christian education. We are preparing Minneapolis’ next generation of leaders, therefore we must equip them with the core knowledge to take on the most demanding leadership roles required of the 21st century. An academically rigorous course of study will best prepare students to deal purposefully and responsibly with the complex issues of living in this present society.

teacher, students,  and skeletonWhat do we mean by a classical education?

For centuries, education was grounded on an emphasis of imparting the basic tools of learning, designed to equip students in verbal and reasoning skills within a God-centered view of life. Today’s departure from teaching the basics has resulted in the current trend of declining student achievement. Dorothy Sayers, a renowned Oxford trained educator, in her essay, “The Lost Tools of Learning,” defined the structure of the classic educational process and found that it fit the natural learning development of children. She showed that the key elements of classical education – Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric – corresponded with the four natural learning stages of a child:

1. Beginning Grammar Grades K-3 (Ages 4-8) Reading/Writing

2. Grammar Grades 3-6 (Ages 9-11) Writing

3. Logic Grades 7-9 (Ages 12-14) Thinking

4. Rhetoric Grades 10-12 (Ages 15-18) Speaking

Hope Academy is both traditional and classical--learning from the great literature of our Christian heritage, combined with an emphasis on the basics of mathematics, science, history, and language.

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