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What Families
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students doing mathWhat Families Are Saying:

"Hope has meant the world to our family. Our oldest daughter was in the school's first second grade class, and our two younger kids are in 4th and 5th grade. I can honestly say that I don't know where our family would be without Hope Academy."
--Wayne Bugg, father of two students at Hope (and one graduate)

"After my divorce I needed a stronger hold on my children's education where I didn't have to worry about them... Hope Academy has been a blessing for my family. My children are learning well and also learning about the Lord... Thank you!"
--Mother of two students at Hope

"Just by being a "God's place", Hope Academy helps our kids to grow with God's principles in their hearts. They know about the Bible, history, etc. Thanks for your strong commitment to the Lord. I didn't know a school like this existed!"
--Helmer Salmeron, father of two students at Hope

"Without Hope--especially the teachers and the counselors--it would be a struggle. Because of Hope Academy, I'm able to give my kids a chance to receive something that I was never able to receive."
--Jesse Oyervides, father of two boys at Hope

"I like how parents are involved in their children's schooling. The school makes it where parents understand that they need to be actively involved in their child's education... Hope Academy is a great private school and we feel very blessed to have a chance to send out boys there."
--Mother of two Hope Academy boys

"I'm proud that my son goes to Hope Academy because he learns about how God loves us and to respect people..."
--Mother of a second grader

"One thing I appreciate as a parent is the fact that my children come home talking about God and singing songs they learned at Family Worship."
--Mother of two students

"My daughter has a sensory dysfunction and a fear/anxiety disorder. She attended three different schools in preschool and kindergarten. None of them worked. I prayed and decided to send her to Hope, which was a prayer answered. She has done very well!"
--Mother of a first grader

"Our child was struggling at home learning to read. We decided to put her at Hope to get extra help with reading and boost her confidence. She is now excited about learning and looks forward to reading."
--Mother of second grader

"It means the world to me to be able to have my daughter attend a Christian school and learn the word of God... I would not have been able to have [my daughter] attend Hope if it wasn't for the blessing of [the donors]. I am a single mother. I work and I am attending Nursing School. On my own I would not financially have been able to send her to Hope Academy."
--Mother of student

"For all three of my kids at Hope I notice the teachers wanting the kids to learn all they can, and they like to see the kids excel in their learning. I have learned that God loves us very much and loves to see us love and care for one another."
--mother of three Hope students

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